USA Football
Concussion Awareness
The law requires all youth athletic organizations to educate coaches, athletes and parents on the risks of concussions and head injuries and prohibits participation in a youth activity until the athlete and parent or guardian has returned a signed agreement sheet indicating they have reviewed the concussion and head injury informational materials. The law requires immediate removal of an individual from a youth athletic activity if symptoms indicate a possible concussion has been sustained. A person who has been removed from a youth athletic activity because of a determined or suspected concussion or head injury, may not participate again until he or she is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance from the health care provider to return to the activity. BYF and the State Law requires all players, parents, and coaches read the education material on concussion awareness and complete an ackowlegement form. BYF will maintain a copy of the form for one full season or as the law requires; whichever is less. No player, parent, or coach will be issued equipment until these acknowledgments are on file with a BYF Officer. Please find the information in the Documents Library.